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17"- 21"
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17"- 21"
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
ACER 17" V176L 1280x1024 5ms 250cd/m 100M:1 VGA BLACK MT-ACR-UM.BV6AA.002 $99.00  Add to Basket
ACER 18.5" V196HQL Ab 1366 x 768 200cd/m2 100000000:1 5MS VGA BLACK MT-ACR-UM.XV6AA.A01 $99.00  Add to Basket
ACER 19.5" S200HQL GBD VGA DVI 8MS 1600X900 10M:1 BLACK MT-ACR-UM.IS0AA.G01 $109.00  Add to Basket
ACER 20.7" K212HQL bd 1920X1080 VGA DVI 5MS 200cd/m2 10M:1 BLACK MT-ACR-UM.LX2AA.001 $115.00  Add to Basket
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Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
LG 22M38D-B 22 INCH LED - VGA DVI (VESA) MO-22M38D-B-LGS $120.00  Add to Basket
ACER 21.5" K222HQLBDWM VGA DVI 1920x1080 5ms 10M:1 VESA BLACK MT-ACR-UM.WX3AA.003 $120.99  Add to Basket
ACER 21.5" V226HQLBbd VGA DVI 1920x1080 5ms 10M:1 BLACK MT-ACR-UM.WV6AA.B01 $120.99  Add to Basket
ACER V225WLABD 22" 1920x1080 250cd/m2 100000000:1 5MS DVI VGA BLACK MT-ACR-UM.EV5AA.A01 $125.00  Add to Basket
LG 22MP48HQ-P 22 INCH IPS LED - HDMI VGA (VESA) MO-22MP48HQ-P-LGS $135.00  Add to Basket
SAMSUNG LS22F352FHN 22 INCH LED - HDMI VGA (VESA) MO-LS22F350FHN-SAM $135.00  Add to Basket
ACER 22" V226WLbd 1680x1050 100M:1 DVI VGA 5MS 250cd/m BLACK MT-ACR-UM.EV6AA.002 $139.00  Add to Basket
ACER 21.5" B226HQL VGA/DVI/SPKS 1920x1080 100M:1 8ms 250cd/m2 MT-ACR-UM.WB6AA.A01 $147.00  Add to Basket
LG 22M35D-B 21.5" VGA, DVI LG 22 $150.00  Add to Basket
ACER 22" B226WLYMDR DVI SPKS PIVOT 1680x1050 250cd/m2 BLACK MT-ACR-UM.EB6AA.001 $169.00  Add to Basket
ACER UM.WV6AA.A01 V226HQL ABD EPEAT Gold 21.5INH 1920X1080 Acer 22 $200.00  Add to Basket
Asus LCD VS228H-P LED Backlight 21.5inch Wide HDMI DVI VGA 1920x1080 Asus 22 $200.00  Add to Basket
PHILIPS 220S4LSB 22IN WLCD BLK 1680X1050 Philips 22 $200.00  Add to Basket
Samsung LS22C300HS/ZC S22C300H, 21.5 Wide, 1920 x 1080, HDMI, VGA Samsung 22 $220.00  Add to Basket
ACER 21.5" TOUCH UT220HQL bmjz 1920x1080 8MS 250cd/m HDMI VGA DVI MT-ACR-UM.WW0AA.004 $239.00  Add to Basket
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Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
HP V244H 24 INCH LED - HDMI VGA DVI (VESA) MO-V244H-HP $153.00  Add to Basket
ACER 23" G236HLBBID VGA DVI HDMI 1920x1080 5ms 250cd/m2 100M:1 MT-ACR-UM.VG6AA.B03 $159.00  Add to Basket
LG 23MP48HQ-P 23 INCH IPS LED - HDMI VGA (VESA) MO-23MP48HQ-P-LGS $160.00  Add to Basket
ACER 24" G246HYLbmjj VGA/HDMI/IPS 1920x1080 6ms 100M:1 250cd/m2 SPKS MT-ACR-UM.QG6AA.001 $169.00  Add to Basket
SAMSUNG LS24F350FHN 24 INCH LED - HDMI VGA (VESA) MO-LS24F350FHN-SAM $185.00  Add to Basket
ACER UM.VV6AA.C01 V236 HLCbd, 23IN , 1920X1080, ACER 24 $190.00  Add to Basket
LG 24M45H-B 23.6" VGA, HDMI LG 24 $200.00  Add to Basket
Asus LCD VS248H-P LED Backlight 24inch Wide HDMI DVI VGA 1920x1080 Asus 24 $250.00  Add to Basket
PHILIPS 241S4LSB DVI-D/VGA, 20000000:1, 250CD/M2, TILT, 1920X1080 Philips 24 $260.00  Add to Basket
Samsung LS24C570HL/ZC S24C570HL, 23.6 Wide, 1920 x 1080 Samsung 24 $280.00  Add to Basket
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Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
ACER 27" K272HL Ebmid 1920x1080 4MS 300cd/m2 VGA DVI HDMI VESA BLACK MT-ACR-UM.HX3AA.E03 $219.00  Add to Basket
LG 27M45H-B 27" VGA, HDMI LG 27 $300.00  Add to Basket
Asus LCD VE278H LED Backlight 1920x1080 Speaker Black Retail Asus 27 $310.00  Add to Basket
PHILIPS 273E3LHSB 27INW LED LCD 1920X1080 PHILIPS 27 $310.00  Add to Basket
ACER UM.HG6AA.D02 G276HLDbmid 27IN 1920X1080 ACER 27 $330.00  Add to Basket
Samsung LS27C230BS/ZC 1920 x 1080 Samsung 27 $340.00  Add to Basket
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